Sunday, March 17, 2013


March so far has been good for us. Some days are cold, some are warm, but it ended up being just right for Christopher's first marathon today. He did so awesome! He finished at 4:08. Hank and I rushed from one spectator lot to the next, waving quickly and hurrying to the next one.  I think it was a confusing/fun morning for Hank, but he was excited at the end about the free pizza and chocolate milk the race handed out at the finish line. 

An eighteen month old this month!  18 months means curiosity...


A little of this..

And a whole lot of this...

We love him anyway!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas in Utah

A few pictures from Christmas vacation in Utah--one of my favorite Christmases I can remember. I have a feeling that now that Hank is here, I'll be saying about all of them to come. 

Hank was thrilled with his new pouf (thanks Aunt Lacey!), his very cheap reindeer sippy cup filled with CHOCOLATE MILK for the very first time. You can see Rody in the background.
Hank grabbed his Dad's wallet downstairs before we saw what Santa brought. It took him a few minutes to let it go. 

His cousins showed him how to ride. 

Seeing his reindeer sippy for the first time. He tried all the ears and antlers to see if chocolate milk would come out of those too. 

Once he got his teddy grahams out of his stocking, Christmas gifts didn't matter for awhile. 

Mandy and Kevin are awesome aunts and uncles.

You can't see it very well, so we'll have to take more pictures soon, but Hank got the cutest BYU sweatshirt from his Grandma and Grandpa Madson. 

New Year's Eve dance party. I love this picture so much.

More to come with gingerbread house contest and Jerusalem dinner pictures!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Tree

 If you read this blog for anything other than pictures of Hank, you're probably always disappointed.  He is just the CUTEST. He got so into decorating our little tree, he would put an ornament on, stand back, and clap for himself. He still does it, over and over again. Good thing I didn't put on any of my nice glass ornaments, those will have to wait a few years. :)

 The orange and white fabric around his neck is a new trend. If he finds anything that can be draped, he'll do it. Kids are so funny. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, Halloween was COLD  in NC. Hank started out as a garden gnome earlier in the week, and it was a big hit at a friend's party (pictures to come), but we went with something more low-maintenance and warm for trick or treating. He was much happier. :)  We cut up a kitchen sponge for his dinosaur spikes.

This last picture is my favorite. We went trick or treating with friends (Tinkerbell, Pirate, Alligator) and Hank loved it. He carefully chose each piece of candy and placed it into his bag. We can't remember a better Halloween. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall in NC

We took a few pictures on our Sunday walk this weekend. We took Hank to a wide open space close by and let him wander around without us telling him what to do. He loved it.

I love autumn in North Carolina!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Trip and a One-Year-Old!

We went to Fontana with Lacey, Drew, Mandy, and the girlies. It was really fun to see the clogging and hang out in the mountains. It was not so fun to drive down the Tail of the Dragon, but we all survived.

gorgeous view
where's hank?
there he is!
holland and hank playing peek a boo together

at the fontana damn

After Fontana, Christopher drove back to Chapel Hill, and Hank and I went to Nashville for a few days. I loved this trip. It was great to hang out with Mandy, and thanks to his aunts and cousins, Hank had a great birthday party while we were there. It was so much fun. Thanks guys!

happy birthday sign made by emmy, holland, and mandy
train cupcakes
We flew back to Chapel Hill a few days later, and had a another birthday celebration with his Dad

new ball track from mom and dad

this one is actually only included so my mom and sisters can see my new bangs

waiting for his cake!

funfetti, three layers

trying it out 
he likes it!
now it's getting old

and he's done!
Mostly, I just can't believe my baby boy is one. Hank is the perfect combination of funny and sweet. We love him.